lets start with this weeks doings


well i traveled to my girlfriends house by bus and i brought her a book she wanted and i treated her to a takeaway


This was a very chilled day i just spent time with my girlfriend really


Back to college, found out as i got to my lesson i had misplaced my flash drive was livid, hope i find it

I also recored drums for a mates project


Another day at college was pretty sweet went make to my house in dover, and watched a film with my girlfriend

was good times


Good day at college started my recording project, had to record a band or artist we was paired with a female vocalist and a pianist, went pretty well i think, went back to my house after and watched some movies with the girlfriend again 🙂


Had a massive argument with the other half, but sorted it out and we went shopping and had a nice lunch together, Then took her home, then chilled for the evening


Me alex and fiona went swimming in town was very fun, then we grabbed lunch at subway and caught the bus back

That was the week

was pretty good week

Will be updating on next week on the sunday

Keep you posted


well this is going to be a new blog about the daily doing of ‘me’ and what i will be doing

well it wont be every day it will be every sunday

end of week blogs

so starting from next week i will doing this blog every sunday night

sometimes it may just be a rambble or a rant or sometimes very exciting (as if)

Well thats a quick introduction

will update next sunday

Speak soon

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